Northwind Cases, Inc.

Handcrafted French Style Cases

31 E. Rillito Street

Tucson, Arizona 85705-5632

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How did a company located in the American southwest come by a name like Northwind?  When we began and hoped for our company to grow, we recalled a belief of the Sioux Indians attributing various powers to the four cardinal points.  The north wind was the cleansing spirit–clearing the way for new growth.  Since our beginnings were in northern Indiana, we could identify with that!

 Located in Tucson, Arizona, since 1998, Northwind Cases, Inc. is a small company established in 1979 by Jim Kiel, who still owns and operates the company.  Our speciality is making high-quality, French style custom cases for top-of-the line flute, piccolo and oboe.  We sell primarily to the manufacturers of high quality instruments, our longstanding customers include Brannen Brothers, Powell, Haynes, Jack Moore, etc. We have become the industry standard for professional model flute and piccolo cases, with our attention to detail, individual custom fit and high quality.  We use a combination of traditional methods, while incorporating the latest technologies.

 All of our cases are designed and built to fit and protect your instrument.  We use your measurements to eliminate movement and rotation.  Pressure on keys are minimized or eliminated.  Our cases are durable–lasting for years.

We manufacture two styles of cases.  Our French style or “pro” line and our “artist” line.

 Our French style cases are made in the traditional French style.  The shell is made of basswood, with rounded corners and the interior routed to accommodate the instrument.  We then hand stretch kidskin leather (custom-tanned to our specifications) over the shell.  The interior is lined with top-of-the-line plush velvet in your choice of 6 colors.  Interior blocking is custom-cut and covered to fit each particular instrument.  We use the finest German-engineered and German-made catches.  These are the best, most durable hardware we have found.  All of the manufacturing processes are performed at our Tucson facility, blending hand-craftsmanship with state-of-the-art woodworking techniques and environmentally safe glues.

  We make these cases for wood and precious metal flute, piccolo, combination flute/piccolo and “special” cases (which involve all sorts of variations and special features for flute and piccolo).  We also make a French style oboe, English horn, combination oboe/English horn and cases for reeds.  Very closely related and included in our French style line of cases is our “pro” bassoon case.  Our pro bassoon differs from our other French style cases in that they are covered with a very high grade, durable vinyl covering.  It has curved corners with very attractive hardware.  It has the same high quality velvet fabric and is custom fit to your instrument.

Our “artist” line of cases have shells made of basswood and/or Baltic birch.  The covering is vinyl.  All hardware is carefully selected for durability and appearance.  These are made for oboe, bassoon, piccolo and flute.

 Oboe cases have a fabric-covered plastic “tray” that holds the instrument securely in place.  The blocking for bassoon, piccolo and flute are custom made and fitted to your specifications.

 We guarantee our cases will fit the specifications you provide and your satisfaction.  See our policies page for more details.

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